One of the most promising vehicles from Kia is the 2018 Kia GT. However thanks to the car makers past with their more upscale models, it is going to be safer to assume that a more affordable nameplate is going to make waves.

One of the vehicles is the 2017 Kia Rio and this is going to arrive at the 2016 Paris Auto Show. It is thought that the subcompact hatchback is going to enjoy a huge leap in Europe.

There were about 65,000 units of the Kia Rio sold on the Old Continent last year and this time around the car maker is expecting to sell more than 100,000 units in 2017. At the moment the best-selling Kia vehicle in Europe happens to be the Kia Sportage, with 105, 217 units selling last year.

Even if it were to take over the Sportage the Kia Rio would have a steep climb up the mountain if it were to catch up with rivals from Ford and Volkswagen. With more than 300,000 sales this year in Europe, the top seller has been the Volkswagen Golf and this was followed by the Ford Fiesta.

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