Jeep is hoping that the Jeep Wrangler is going to be the star of their line-up and they are hoping that it will represent the brand. The company is in the midst of some big production changes so that the production of the vehicle at the Toledo plant can be boosted to nearly double of what it offers now.

It is thought that the plant will be able to produce around 450,000 vehicles each year and many of these will be the 2017 Jeep Wrangler as the Cherokee is going to be relocated to a different plant. When this happens the Wrangler should get well ahead of the Jeep Cherokee for sales.

Even before the redesign of the plant the Jeep Wrangler has managed to overtake the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee for sales. The sales of the 4×4 have been bigger than on the premium and plush Cherokee models.

The Cherokee doesn’t offer up looks that are particularly appealing and it may have been selling more than the Grand Cherokee as the price tag of the former is more affordable.

The Cherokee has been outselling the Jeep Wrangler thanks to the Wrangler being in short supply and people having to wait for the vehicle. This is down to the fact that the Wrangler shared production at the plant.

Sales figures seem to suggest that the appeal of the Cherokee is now waning and this has let the Jeep Wrangler gain some ground.

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