2017 Jeep Cherokee Is Made Difficult Thanks To Renegade

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The Jeep Cherokee is badly in need of a refresh for 2017 and if it doesn’t get it then the vehicle may be put in a tricky position. This is due to the fact that over in the US the Jeep Wrangler has already knocked it from the top spot pedestal and more than likely the Renegade is going to do the same internationally.

There is another issue and this is also based on the Renegade and the fact that the relevance of the Jeep Cherokee is going to be challenged. While no one knows its name, it is said to be taking over from the Patriot and the Compass, so perhaps it could be called the Compass.

We have seen some spy shots of the new vehicle and it is going to be smaller than the Jeep Grand Cherokee and it may take on the appearance of the flagship SUV, more so that what the Cherokee does.

The Jeep Cherokee isn’t known for its good looks and of course it is almost the same size as the Grand Cherokee. The Compatriot is a vehicle that is smaller and which offers the platform of the Jeep Renegade, while at the same time being far enough away from the flagship so that it can be justified.

People do wonder where the Jeep Cherokee stands in the lineup and having the Compatriot around would not make things any easier to work out. One thing that Jeep does need to work on is the design.

Secondly they have to either to make it smaller or the give the Jeep Grand Cherokee three rows. Of course one of the main differences is the fact that the Grand Cherokee is offered with more premium features.

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