You might say that the Infiniti Q60 coupe was the vehicle that almost had it all in regards to the features offered and performance. However we say, almost, due to the fact that it came with an interior that hasn’t been able to compete with rival the Audi S5.

As soon as you get inside the Audi S5 it blows your mind, however you cannot say the same about the Infiniti Q60. That’s not to say that the latter comes with an interior that is plain ugly, it just doesn’t offer up anything exciting.

The new version of the Infiniti Q60 is going to come with choices of engines. There is going to be the 2 litre turbocharged and this should offer up around 211PS and there is the V6 2 litre which should offer up 300 horses thanks to the twin-turbos.

While this sounds good perhaps the car maker should have given some thought to making the interior of the Infiniti Q60 better.

But does the interior of the Infiniti Q60 put you off from purchasing the vehicle?

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