There are many people who think that the 2017 Infiniti Q60 is among the most stunning looking of the coupes on the market. However there are some people who have had to get used to the looks, even though it is a head turner.

The 2017 Infiniti Q60 comes with great looks and at the same time it comes with superb engines that match the looks of the vehicle. The entry level version of the vehicle offers up the 2 litre turbocharged engine. At the top end of the range is the 3 litre engine and this is the V6 twin turbocharged engine.

The car maker has got things right with the 2017 Infiniti Q60 and its design and performance. However when it comes down to the interior of the vehicle things go astray and it looks as though the car maker could not make their minds up about it.

Many people believe that the interior of the 2017 Infiniti Q60 looks far too messy and it’s boring. There isn’t anything that is going on really with the interior and it lacks excitement. It seems that the car maker took all their ideas and mashed them together.

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