2017 Honda Pilot: We Want To See What’s Inside It

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The 2017 Honda Pilot hasn’t got any exterior changes, however that isn’t to say that it is the same as the model before it. So we want to see what’s changed on the inside.

The exterior is very much the same on the 2017 Honda Pilot as last year’s model but Honda have worked on the cabin of the vehicle and changed it. We are not surprised that they did this as the cabin was fairly old looking and it was in need of a makeover.

There were some who complained about the interior of the Honda Pilot being too small and it looks as though Honda have chosen to do something about it. The cabin now offers more space, which is something of a miracle, as the measurements remain much the same. The vehicle has been made from lighter materials and this means that it has shed some of its weight.

One thing that fans of the Honda Pilot had asked for was the addition of the blind spot system and another was the six speed auto transmission, both of which are available with the Elite. But this hasn’t happened.

So have the changes of the 2018 Honda Pilot been big enough for you to want to go out and get it or should you look elsewhere?

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