2017 Honda Pilot: Take A Look At What’s Inside

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The 2017 Honda Pilot looks the same on the exterior as it always has but this is a new vehicle for sure. As there haven’t been any changes to the exterior you should take a look at what’s inside the vehicle.

While the exterior remains the same, the interior is a different matter. This is a good thing as the interior was badly in need of a makeover. Some people have been saying that there wasn’t enough room in the Honda Pilot and the company took notice and they have now done something about it.

Honda is offering a brand new design for the interior with the 2017 Honda Pilot and this means more room in the cabin even though the measurements aren’t going to be any bigger. Honda did say that some parts have lighter materials, so this means there is going to be a weight loss.

Some people were hoping that Honda would offer up the blind spot system that is seen in the Elite on the 2017 Honda Pilot but this isn’t going to happen. Neither is the vehicle going to arrive with six speed automatic transmission.