When the 2017 Honda Pilot arrived on the market it came with a design that was very much like the version that came before it. Still there are some changes to the vehicle and some of them are big ones. Honda did make changes but then at the same time it seems that they forgot what people asked for.

Many who like the Honda Pilot had hoped that the 2017 version would come with a brand new engine and they hoped that this would be the six speed engine that is seen on the Elite version. However this isn’t going to happen so you shouldn’t be holding your breath for it.

Another feature that many people wanted to see with the 2017 Honda Pilot was the vehicle offering the blind spot system and again this is a feature that is seen on the Elite. This is another thing that you shouldn’t wait for and Honda seem to have forgotten all about it.

The 2017 Honda Pilot did come with an interior that has received an upgrade and this means that the vehicle is going to offer up more room in the cabin. The fuel economy should be better too as the vehicle has been made lighter thanks to the use of lighter materials.

So should the 2017 Honda Pilot just be forgotten all about?

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