One thing about the Honda Pilot that stands out is the good looks. There is no denying that Honda did a superb job when they designed the vehicle and as they aren’t changing the design this time around it’s a good thing that they did.

One thing that people have criticized the Honda Pilot about is the tightness inside the cabin. While this is said to be a seven seated vehicle, the interior is on the small side and so there isn’t a great deal of room to move about.

This is going to change though with the arrival of the 2017 Honda Pilot as it will offer up a new cabin design that means more space. Honda have been clever with the Pilot as the measurements of the vehicle are going to remain unchanged, despite the fact that there will be more room in the vehicle. They have rearranged the cabin to make the most of the space in it.

The Pilot is also going to lose some weight and this is thanks to the 2017 Honda Pilot being made from lighter materials.

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