If you like your technology in a car and you were thinking about going for the 2017 Honda Pilot there is some hope that it will get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto thanks to the new Honda CR-V.

We say this due to the fact that Honda CR-V is offering both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so the same should apply to the larger Honda Pilot. Another thing that points to this happening is that the platform mate, the Honda Ridgeline, also offers the technology.

With people now relying on their smartphones daily they want to see Apple CarPlay and Android Auto installed in the infotainment system. Honda realizes this and have given it to the Honda CR-V. There is also the option to have the 7 inch touchscreen display, which is based upon Android, just like the one found in the Honda Civic.

With the technology owners are able to plug in their iPhone or Android device into the USB port of the Honda CR-V and this allows you to gain access to features of the handset such as music, messaging and maps.

So things are looking for the 2017 Honda Pilot to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto don’t you think?

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Mario Caballero

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