2017 Honda Pilot Gets New Hope From Honda CR-V

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Anyone who owns an Apple or Android phone who is thinking about buying the 2017 Honda Pilot will be happy to hear that there is hope that the vehicle is going to come with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

We believe this as the Honda CR-V comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the larger Honda Pilot should offer up the same. The Honda Ridgeline, which is also the platform mate, offers the technology too.

Many people rely on their phones and when buying a new vehicle they want Android Auto or Apple CarPlay installed into the infotainment system. Honda knows this and this is why they may give it to the Honda CR-V along with the other vehicles. There is also the addition of a 7 inch touch touchscreen display and this is Android based and it’s just like the one on the Honda Civic.

This means that owners of tech will be able to plug in the Android or iPhone into the USB port and then they can make use of maps, music and messaging in the Honda CR-V.

So are you happy to hear that the Honda CR-V should be offering up the support for your smartphone by way of the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.