2017 Honda Pilot: Forgot It Or Not?

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The 2017 Honda Pilot does come with some changes over the vehicle that came before it even though it has the same styling as the vehicle that came before it. Some of the improvements are big but on the downside is the fact that Honda didn’t give the people what they wanted.

Honda Pilot fans had hoped that the 2017 Honda Pilot would arrive with a six speed engine that is seen on the Elite version of the vehicle. However we can tell you that this isn’t going to happen.

The blind spot system which is also on the Elite was another thing that many people were hoping to find on the 2017 Honda Pilot but again Honda haven’t included it on the vehicle.

What the 2017 Honda Pilot does come with is an upgrade to the interior. This means that now there is more room in the cabin of the vehicle. Along with this the fuel economy is improved a little thanks to the fact that lighter materials were used and so the vehicle has lost some of its weight.

But are the improvements enough to distract people from what they really wanted and should you just forget about the 2017 Honda Pilot?

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