2017 Honda Pilot Design Like Looking In Mirror

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We are not expecting to see the 2017 Honda Pilot arrive with much of a makeover due to the fact that it was treated to a huge makeover not too long ago.

When it comes to the exterior design of the 2017 Honda Pilot we believe that it might look a lot like the model that is on the market at the moment. However it possible that we might see some new color options being offered. The exterior might look the same but we are expecting to see some changes on the interior of the vehicle.

One of the biggest focuses of Honda is going to be on the cabin of the 2017 Honda Pilot. This is to give the occupants of the vehicle more room in the cabin. We are also expecting to see the addition of the blind spot system of Honda included and this is found on the Pilot but only the Elite version at the moment.

Another change that we expect to see with the arrival of the 2017 Honda Pilot is weight loss. This is going to be down to the use of lighter materials being used on the vehicle.

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