2017 Honda Odyssey Takes A Good Look At Pilot And Honda CR-V For Inspiration

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The 2017 Honda Odyssey is taking a good look at the Honda CR-V along with the Honda Pilot when it comes to design. With a bit of look when it comes out it will arrive with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto the same as the Honda CR-V and Honda Pilot.

Honda did say that they were making Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available in vehicles of theirs that had the EX and above trim. So there is nothing to say that the same cannot apply for the 2017 Honda Odyssey. Fans of technology will welcome the features as it means that are able to use the devices functions when driving. They will be able to use Maps, send texts hands free and listen to their own music from the device.

The Honda CR-V was treated to a cabin that offered upmarket looks thanks to some higher end premium trim parts. It is thought that they may also do the same with the 2017 Honda Odyssey interior.

Some people were complaining about the lack of a physical volume knob on Honda vehicles and it seems that Honda took some notice of them as they have reintroduced this on the Pilot. The same thing may apply to the 2017 Honda Odyssey as it is looking to the CR-V and Pilot for its design.

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