2017 Honda HR-V Is Sharing Some Of Honda CR-V Big Flaws

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The Honda HR-V and the Honda CR-V is built around the Honda Fit platform and so the vehicle has a focus on utility more than performance. This is a crossover vehicle that has been criticized for not having power, but on the good side it is known for offering up lots of room.

This doesn’t have to be the biggest weakness of the Honda HR-V. The Honda CR-V is evidence that the CR-V struggled when up against the Toyota RAV4 for the majority of the year. This could be down to the fact that there is lack of a hybrid option and this may bring the crossover down.

You might forgive Honda for not coming up with the Honda HR-V Hybrid in 2016, however the 2017 variation didn’t offer it either. This may end up being a choice that the car maker may come to regret.

Honda didn’t even change the headlights of the subcompact vehicle. These were said to be among the worst in the market. About the only thing that was different with the vehicle was the fact that the Honda HR-V is offered with a new choice of color.

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