One thing that Honda does have to do with the Honda HR-V crossover is to learn a lesson from Nissan for Toyota. This means that they should launch a hybrid version of the mini crossover so that the Toyota C-HR doesn’t manage to gain the upper hand.

The Honda HR-V offers up the single 1.8 litre four cylinder powertrain, while the C-HR is going to have the 1.2 litre turbocharged four cylinder and the 1.8 litre hybrid, which they have borrowed from the Toyota Prius.

If the Honda CR-V isn’t able to be offered in the hybrid then the car maker is going to have a fight on their hands to keep up in the SUV/crossover market, which is growing fast.

They did manage to gain the lead to become the best-selling SUV over in the market in the US, however the Honda CR-V has been struggling when up against the Toyota RAV4. This is a vehicle that has enjoyed a 10% sales boost from the hybrid model.

The Nissan Rogue picked its own hybrid for 2017 and this only goes to show how important it is for buyers to be able to pick from a more efficient option. We have heard that the next generation Honda CR-V could come as a plug-in option for 2018 but will we hear the same when it comes to the HR-V?

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