Honda have been dominating the crossover category and the Honda CR-V is one of the most popular vehicles over in the US and it has been ever since it came onto the market in 1997. The vehicle is going on sale on 21 December and many people will be getting behind the wheel.

At the moment Honda doesn’t think that the 2017 Honda CR-V is going to be able to become the replacement best-selling vehicle to knock the Accord or Civic off the top spot. The general manager said that they hadn’t developed the vehicle with the idea of it taking on the role of the leader in sales on a long term basis.

Honda thinks more along the lines of the Honda CR-V as being equal to the Honda Civic and Honda Accord. They are hoping that the vehicle will bring in sales along the same as the Civic and Accord.

The Honda CR-V is going to offer up the modular chassis that is seen on the Accord and the Civic. It will also offer up a luxury interior but still keep the price range from the previous version. We are expecting this to be a huge hit with consumers.

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