The Honda CR-V is just in front of the Toyota RAV4 at the moment but Honda should not rest on their laurels and right now it would pay if Honda didn’t hang around.

Hybrids are the in-thing at the moment and we have heard a great deal of talk about Honda offering up a hybrid along with Honda CR-V. Many people think that this isn’t going to happen until the 2018 model comes our way but should Honda really wait?

Toyota on the other hand didn’t waste time getting out their hybrid engine and the Toyota RAV4 sales have risen by 10% once the vehicle was launched.

Should Honda not rush out a hybrid to meet the demand of consumers they are risking Toyota catching up with them. The Toyota RAV4 hybrid offers around 34mpg when travelling around the city and 31mpg when out on the highway. The Honda CR-V will offer up 26mpg driving around the city and 32mpg on the highway.

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