2017 Honda CR-V: Big Plans For 3-Row Model

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The 2017 Honda CR-V is heading to Australia next year and it will offer up 3 seating rows but it won’t be made available in the diesel version.

The fifth generation Honda CR-V is going to be made available in five and seven seats from the middle of 2017 in Australia and the new came from the Honda Australia director. The vehicle had been said to be coming since June but he had been rather wary of confirming it.

Now he has said that a new range of the Honda CR-V models are going to arrive and they will include the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive along with manual and automatic, however there isn’t going to be a diesel engine coming our way.

He went on to say that there was going to be competitive offerings and he said that they were looking to follow the current range of the Honda CR-V, which hasn’t been made available in the diesel engine.

It seems that Honda wants to broaden the appeal of the Honda CR-V and one thing that families want is flexibility and this is going to be offered. The CR-V is going to target the mid-sized segment and take on vehicles such as the Mazda CX-5.

The new five seated Honda CR-V is going to have a price tag in the region of $30,000 and the seven seated is going to be taking on the Nissan X-Trail along with the Land Rover Discovery Sport.