2017 Honda Civic Si Offers Better Looks And Its Cheaper Than Type-R

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You might have been put off the looks of the Honda Civic Hatchback, as let’s face it, it is plain ugly that to the aggressive design language. So now the best-selling compact car has been thrown into disrepute. So you might want to turn your attention to the 2017 Honda Civic Si as it offers up looks that are better and it comes in cheaper than the Type-R.

The five door has the same base as the Honda Civic Type R, a vehicle which isn’t all that pleasing to look at either. So you might want to consider going for the Honda Civic Si, which was based around the coupe, so it offers up better looks.

The Honda Civic Si doesn’t have the aggressive looks but it does make up for this by offering plenty of charm. The grille is blacked out and the tail lamp stretches over the fascia at the rear. The Type R offer around 340 horses and the Si gives out 230.

The price tag of the Honda Civic Si is another advantage as it comes in cheaper. It has six speed stick shift gearing. The Type R comes with a price tag of $8,000 and it is FWD.