2017 Ford Mustang GT Getting Much Closer To GT350

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There is a great deal of potential for the new Ford Mustang beyond the GT500 as there is lots of room between the GT and the GT350 for more variations. This is something that Ford intends doing as they are bringing out the Ford Mustang GTE in 2017.

The extra E means enhanced due to the fact that this is the enhanced version of the Ford Mustang GT. This is also very loosely applied to the entry level too.

Blue Oval has given the Ford Mustang more power on the 2.3 litre turbocharged four cylinder EcoBoost and the 5 litre V8 engines. The Ford Performance Power Pack on the V8 gives the push from 435 horses to 456 horses.

When it comes to the EcoBoost block the Shelby has been tuned to be close to the V8 5.2 litre engine in the GT350 and this means a boost to 335 horses from 310 horses. The Ford Mustang GTE now looks more along the lines of the GT350, however there are some adornments that make the vehicle unique.

The front fascia of the vehicle is more alike than that of the GT350 and Ford has given the Ford Mustang a design that is distinctive thanks to the design elements seen on the hood, rear spoiler and rocker panel. Along with badges that help it to distinguish itself as the GTE as opposed to it being a higher spec Mustang GT.

It comes with the 19 inch Performance wheels and the cat-back exhaust along with the Ford Performance Handling Pack. The Ford Mustang GTE also offers the racing stripes that are seen on the Shelby GT350.

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