Ford made the right choice when they chose to offer up the Ford Mustang is right hand drive. This allowed them to sell the Mustang is 81 markets around the world and it hasn’t taken long for the vehicle to impress internationally.

When the Ford Mustang arrived in Australia it took just one month for it to sell out and now there is a huge back log for the vehicle.

It seems that the car maker might have underestimated the popularity of the Ford Mustang internationally. Now they have found out that all variants of the Mustang made available have been snapped up in next to no time.

This has led them to start selling the Ford Mustang 670 horsepower GT over in Australia, which comes with the Roush supercharger package adding on 245 horses. The company also allows people to add on the supercharger without voiding the warranty of their vehicle.

The only downside to this is that the approval process for the package has taken a very long time to reach completion and this has meant a huge delay. Worst still is that no one seems to know just how long the delay is going to be, perhaps consumers are going to give up and move on to an alternative?

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