2017 Ford GT Prototype Looks Right At Home In Batman

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The 2017 Ford GT Prototype has been seen out on the roads in testing and the majority of them have been prototypes. Even so it does give us an insight into what Ford is doing at this moment in time.

One of the prototypes looks as though it would be right at home starring in a Batman movie. The machine gun like rear for instance along with the color and the design really make the vehicle look like it would be perfect for starring on silver screen.

At the moment we don’t know a great deal about the 2017 Ford GT but Ford said that it is going to offer up an engine of 600 horses and the vehicle is going to be light. This means that fuel economy should be good.

The Ford GT is going to offer up an active rear spoiler and this is able to rise vertically along with tilting so that it can capture downforce when it needs to. Ford also said that the vehicle isn’t going to be made available in a hybrid.

So what do you think about the 2017 Ford GT, are you getting excited for the new vehicle?

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