If you ask people many will say that the Volkswagen Golf R doesn’t have what is needed for it to take on and win over the Ford Focus RS. Now the people over at Motor Trend have decided that they want to test things out and they have put the two up against each other in a head to head fight.

If you look at the figures on paper then you might think that the Ford Focus RS has the advantage. The vehicle comes with the 2.3 litre turbocharged engine with the 6 speed manual transmission. The engine offers up 350 horses and the same in torque. You can pick up the entry level version of the vehicle for around $36, 775.

The Volkswagen Golf R offers up the 2 litre DOHC I-4 engine and this comes with six speed manual transmission. The engine gives up 292 horses and 280 of torque and you can get hold of the entry level for $36, 470.

But would you choose the Volkswagen Golf R or would you prefer the Ford Focus RS?

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