2017 Ford Focus Along With Fusion and Fiesta Are All In Sync

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The past infotainment system of Ford wasn’t highly rated by owners but it is looking as though the 2017 Ford Focus along with the Fusion and Fiesta are all going to be in sync thanks to a new Ford Sync 3 infotainment system.

The new Sync 3 system is going to be offered on all of the 2017 models and this includes the 2017 Ford Focus. At the moment we haven’t been given confirmation about which other vehicles will be getting the new system, however it is thought that it may include the Ford Fusion along with the Fiesta. We should find out more when Ford release more details about the upcoming models.

The Sync 3 system is said to have had great feedback and the majority of people think that the system has received good feedback and so this is a big step forward for Ford.