The 2017 Ford F-150 has been pointed out and not for the good. It has been said to have the worst headlights among the segment, leading to forward visibility that is poor and it is has been likened to driving blind.

The IIHS measured the forward visibility of both the high and low beams along with the glare from the low beams. They measured this on a total of eleven trucks, with the Ford F-150 being one of them and it coming out as the worst. It was found that the base halogen lights and the LEDs, which are optional. On the F-150 were able to illuminate the road adequately.

Of course the Ford F-150 isn’t alone, out of the twenty three light configuration tests, 14 managed to create excessive glare for vehicles heading towards the F-150. There was only one single truck that managed to get a rating of good and this was the Honda Ridgeline.

The senior research manager of IIHS said that performance of headlights is something that seems to have been overlooked in passenger vehicles. So if you purchase the 2017 Ford F-150 you might as well be driving blind.

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Mario Caballero

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