There have been a lot of talk about V8 engines being kick out of the market as the auto industry continues to work on improving the electric powered engines so when a video was released showing the new replacement engine for the Dodge Hellcat, the fans thought that it was the real deal.

It turns out that the video about the new replacement engine that the Dodge Hellcat will be getting is actually an April Fool joke. The engine in the video actually belongs to the Mercedes-Benz M278, a twin turbo V8 engine.

There has been talking about the new twin turbo high performance engine would be coming under the hood of the Hellcat in the future and that the upgrade engine would allow the vehicle to deliver about 800hp. While that might still happen, we are sure it is not going to be a Mercedes engine.

The current Dodge Hellcat is powered by a 707hp HEMI engine.

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Mario Caballero

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