2017 Chevrolet Volt May Enjoy Surprise Win Over Tesla

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The Chevrolet Volt offers up a great deal and the sales numbers in the US last year didn’t really represent the demand that the vehicle has in fact attracted. GM decided not to hold back on the vehicles availability and since then the success of it has been startling.

The Chevrolet Volt did manage to get past the Nissan Leaf when it did become the first ever plug-in electric vehicle to manage 100,000 lifetime sales over in the US. Just two years back this would have seemed almost impossible.

The hybrid has managed to do this well without the backing of the GM advertising expenditure, apart from a single campaign that hit out at the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf.

The automaker does spent a great deal in the world of advertising for their vehicles and at the moment the Chevrolet Volt is in second place for top-selling plug-in electrics in the US, around 2,000 behind the Tesla Model S.

As it has come out ahead of the Nissan Leaf the attention of GM should now be focused on top spot among sales and it would be great if it managed to come in ahead of the Tesla Model S, the best-seller in the world for EV vehicles during 2015. Tesla has been plagued with production that has been sluggish, so they do stand a good chance.

So the Chevrolet Volt could take over from the Tesla Model S to take the sales crown in the US during 2016. Imagine what it could do if GM spent money on the advertising.

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