Is the most unique electric vehicle the one that offers the most outlandish design or is the one that offers the best autonomous driving system? Well actually its neither as the most unique is the one that offers the most impressive internal setup and this happens to the be the Chevrolet Volt.

The Chevrolet Volt has been laughing in the face of other electric vehicles and more so the Nissan Leaf and its 60kWh battery. Nissan has been striving to offer more by way of range each year and they took the stance with the gas aided powertrain, which meant it was behind the 420 mile range of the Volt.

Some people suggested that perhaps the Nissan Leaf is the most efficient vehicle, but in the long run this isn’t so due to the fact that the battery degrades fast in extreme temperatures.

This was found out back in 2012 when the Nissan Leaf batteries degraded in states such as Texas and California. The issue was said to be down to improper active cooling system.

The winter can be just as hard as the hatchback has to lose range when warming up its battery. We did hear that a 60kWh battery was coming out on the 2017 version but then people have found it hard to believe.

The total opposite is true about the Chevrolet Volt as it hardly needs the oil changing and it barely degrades over time. Some owners reported only changing the oil once or twice.

GM produce battery packs for the first generation of the Chevrolet Vol in case of warranty claims. However none have been taken. The Voltec powertrain is such that it is setup for efficiency so that it doesn’t get strained and wear out over time.

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