When it comes down to the plug-in electric market it’s not all about wing doors or autonomous driving, its more down to the vehicle having an impressive internal setup. This means that the Chevrolet Volt is laughing in the fact of other EVs who are chasing range.

The Nissan Leaf is getting laughed at mostly, even though they have been continuing to work on offering a better range. Their stance on the gas helped powertrain has left them behind the Chevrolet Volt and its 420 mile range.

The Nissan Leaf could offer up more efficiency, however in the long run this doesn’t pan out as the battery degrades faster thanks to extreme temperatures and freezing climates.

We first heard about the degradation of the battery of the Nissan Leaf in 2012 in states such as Texas and California. This has been down to the lack of an adequate active cooling system

It has also suffered when it comes to winter as it sacrifices range to warm the battery up. The 60kWh battery is arriving on the 2017 version but there has been a great deal of skepticism about it.

The Chevrolet Volt is the total opposite as it doesn’t need oil changes on a regular basis. In fact there are some owners of the vehicle who have only needed to change the oil once or twice over many years.

GM are producing the battery packs for the 1st generation of the Chevrolet Volt and this is for any warranty claims, with no warranty action being taken. The powertrain setup is such that over time the battery or the gas engine doesn’t get strained and so doesn’t wear out.

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