The Chevrolet Volt does offer a lot more than the sales numbers in the US might have you believe as they haven’t exactly shown off the demand. This was due to the fact that GM had been holding availability of the vehicle back and since they stopped doing so the success of it is surprising.

The Chevrolet Volt beat its rival, the Nissan Leaf, so now it is the first plug-in electric to get 100,000 lifetime sales. If you had said that this was going to happen two years back you would have been laughed at.

You also have to take into account that the vehicle managed to do this without virtually any backing of ads from GM and their huge budget. There was just one small campaign that ran last year to make fun of the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Leaf.

GM is among the biggest spender for advertising around the world. Right now the Chevrolet Volt comes in second place behind the Tesla Model S, with plug-in electric sales in the US just 2,000 behind.

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Mario Caballero

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