2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Self-Driving Is Coming Even Closer

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There are many things to get excited about when it comes to the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. The vehicle offers plenty of room in the cabin and this happens to be the first hatchback that actually comes with a decent look and doesn’t look silly. However, what is more interesting about the Bolt is the fact that it is self-driving.

GM does have a concrete plan for bringing a self-driving system to the Bolt for it to lead the way in an autonomous ride sharing program that happens to be in partnership with Lyft and Uber.

GM has put $500 million into the program at the start of the year and they haven’t been wasting time in development of a Bolt vehicle that doesn’t need a driver behind the wheel.

So that they could refine their Super Cruise system, GM has taken over Cruise Automation after they made their investment. Other drivers have worked on self-driving systems for around a half a decade but the autonomous version of the Chevrolet Bolt may be ready for early on next year.

The executive chief engineer said that the self-driving Bolt is going to come much quicker than what people had thought it might and the ride sharing program may arrive very soon too.

At the moment we haven’t heard about the features of autonomous driving for the vehicle that is heading to the mass market. We don’t know if it has adaptive cruise control, so we shouldn’t speculate about it having hands-off convenience, even though Tesla and Nissan have been going down that road and pushing it.

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