2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Self-Driving Is Coming Closer

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The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt offers up a great deal for consumers as the vehicle offers up lots of space in the cabin, it comes with great looks and best of all it still has self-driving.

GM has some great plans for the self-driving system and they are planning for it to lead the way for autonomous ride sharing with a partnership with Lyft and Uber. Of course they have already paid over $500 million at the beginning of the year. They have not sat back and waited when it comes to developing the Chevrolet Bolt that doesn’t need to have anyone sat behind the wheel.

The self-driving system of GM is Super Cruise and just after the company made their big investment they then took over Cruise Automation.

There are of course other car makers working on self-driving vehicles and some have been doing so for more than half a decade. We are expecting to see the Chevrolet Bolt early next year and the chief engineer said that it was going to happen much faster and the ride sharing program should be up and running very soon.

We don’t know when the autonomous Chevrolet Bolt is going to come out for the mass market. Right now the Bolt doesn’t have adaptive cruise control, while Nissan have been pushing out the Tesla Model 3, so GM does have some catching up to do.

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