When GM revealed the Chevrolet Spark EV it was a good effort but it didn’t really make huge waves. What it did do was show that the car maker had what was needed to make vehicles without gas engines. It wasn’t really an indication though of just impressive the Chevrolet Bolt would be.

The Chevrolet Bolt is the sibling to the Spark and its way more impressive. This is due to the fact that it is the only compact EV that is dedicated in the market and which doesn’t look like a total oddball. Of course we are not including the Tesla Model 3 here.

With the Chevrolet Bolt GM has exceeded the expectations and the look of the vehicle somewhat resembles the Honda Fit. However the hatchback offers up 200 horses and 266 of torque and can reach 60mph in 7 seconds. This is compared to the Volt which offers 149 horses and 294 torque.

There are some people who have been skeptical of the Chevrolet Bolt and its 200 mile range from the 60kWh battery, however it has passed expectations as it can reach 238 miles just on one single charge.

In the city the Chevrolet Bolt can manage 255 miles, which is 27.5% over the benchmark and when on the highway it offers up 217 miles, which is above the 215 that Tesla have promised us with the Tesla Model 3.

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