2017 BMW 340i Stop and Start System Has More Intelligence

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The latest BMW 340i doesn’t come with the best looks among compact luxury vehicles however the vehicle is still a great choice to own. Today we have seen a test of the vehicle and we thought one feature in particular was overwhelming.

This is the start and stop engine tool that is far more intelligent than that found on other vehicles. The way it works isn’t any different from other vehicles. When the car is in traffic that is congested the engine automatically stops and then starts up again quickly.

We are not the biggest fans of the system but the BMW 340i system might actually change our minds. This is down to the fact that there isn’t a delay with the function and it helps the vehicle to offer up 25mpg when driving around the city. Bear in mind that the estimation was 21mpg.

What is best about the start and stop function of the 2017 BMW 340i is that it measures the thermostat before it activates. This means that the system is able to work just as well when out driving in winter and its cold.

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