2017 BMW 340i Has Intelligent Stop/Start System

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The new generation BMW 340i doesn’t happen to be the best looking compact luxury vehicle, but it is still a superb vehicle to own. We have seen the vehicle in testing and we were amazed at one feature in particular.

The feature that we are talking about is the start/stop engine, which happens to be more intelligent that seen on other vehicles. Of course the way it works is no different to on any other vehicle. When the vehicle is in city traffic or congested traffic the engine automatically switches off when the vehicle stops and it will then restart when the traffic starts to move again.

We haven’t been big fans of this technology, however on the BMW 340i we might just change our minds. This is due to the fact that there isn’t a delay on the function and it allows the vehicle to reach 25mpg fuel economy when travelling on roads in the city. This happens to be well above the 21mpg which was estimated.

One of the biggest issues of the start and stop function on the BMW 304i is the fact that it measures the thermostat before activating and this means that it can work just as well during the cold weather in winter.