There is one thing that really makes some people cringe in the automotive industry and this is the term coupe. While some people might love coupes, it seems that the market has lost touch with the coupe definition.

Coupes are typically supposed to be defined as having two doors and being tailored for its sportiness. If this remains true then there is something drastically wrong with the industry. This is because recently anything with a roof that slopes has been called a coupe. There is even crossover coupes and SUV coupes in todays market.

This is something that can make you cringe and it has happened yet again with the upcoming SUV from Alfa Romeo with the name of the 2017 Alfa Romeo Stelvio. At the moment we haven’t heard much about the details of the Stelvio and right now it hasn’t been named an SUV coupe.

However we can see the Alfa Romeo Stelvio being given the branding of an SUV coupe as it does offer up a steep roofline that slopes and it does have 4 doors.

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Mario Caballero

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