2017 Acura MDX Comes With 3 Appealing Signs

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The latest version of the Acura MDX has arrived and we were lucky enough to get behind the wheel of it for the day. When you first look at the vehicle you may think that it is just a beefed up version of the Honda Pilot, however on closer inspection there is a great deal more to it than what first appears.

The Acura MDX gives the driver a more engaging driving experience and it comes with a character that in unique. All of the credit belongs to the SH-AWD system that gives the vehicle a greater driving pleasure. While this is all well and good, there is more to the MDX and here are three very appealing signs.

The first thing in its favor is the fact that the vehicle is green thanks to it having a hybrid setup consisting of the V6 3 litre engine and two electric motors. This means that you should get superb fuel economy.

The Acura MDX comes with the safety package fitted as standard on all of the trims. The new version of the safety package offers more and brake assistance is one of the many features.

The design of the Acura MDX is one thing that stands out. It comes with twin tailpipes, Jewel Eye Headlights and LED fog lights. All of these features go towards ensuring that the vehicle looks premium.

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