Two vehicles that are extremely powerful are the Ford Focus RS and the Volkswagen Golf R. But if you are trying to choose from between the two, which one would you choose? AutoGuide recently compared both vehicles but which came out as the winner?

Both of the vehicles are labelled as hot hatchbacks but both the Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS are different in many aspects. The Focus is fun to drive and the Golf R is the most practical and comfortable.

The engine in the Volkswagen Golf R is the 2 litre with 4 cylinders and the six speed automatic gears. It offers up 292 horses and 280 torque and the retail price is $41, 295.

The Ford Focus offers the 2.3 litre with 4 cylinders and this comes with the six speed manual transmission. It offers 350 horses along with 350 torque and it costs $44, 240.

You can check out the video below of both the Ford Focus RS and the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R to help you choose which to go for.

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