The Toyota Prius is one vehicle that has been popular among the hatchback segment and it redefines econobox. It offers the hybrid powertrain and this means that the gas mileage is superb.

However while the Toyota Prius does offer up a lot to like, it hasn’t been at the top of the best-sellers list. The new Prius has had sales that are sluggish up to date and this has been something that Toyota hasn’t been able to do anything about.

This has been mainly due to the fact that the Prius popularity depends on how much gas costs. Gas is cheap at the moment and so consumers are not too bothered about moving to greener energy. Should the cost of gas rise, the sales of the Toyota Prius should rise along with it.

Another downer for the Toyota Prius is the fact that it doesn’t offer up great looks. Some people have even openly called the vehicle ugly and of course looks count and so this has affected the sales.

Toyota isn’t able to do anything about the looks of the Toyota Prius, so they better start praying that the cost of gas increases soon and keeps increasing.

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Mario Caballero

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