Sales of the 2016 Toyota Prius over in the US have been a bit on the limp side and this led reviewers to laugh at the 55mpg hybrid vehicle. While it does offer up fuel economy improvements there are some people who have said that the vehicle isn’t that good to look at and this is said to be the reason for the decline.

Sales in Europe declined by around 50% by 2013, the Toyota Prius wasn’t thought to go too far back at the start of 2016 but it has surprised us.

The hybrid vehicle began to enjoy four digit sales and when August came around the sales had doubled the 2015 sales figures as the Toyota Prius sold around 12, 000 buyers. The Prius has managed to help Toyota achieve a sales increase, along with the Auris and RAV4 variants, by 45% so far this year.

The car maker believes that when we reach the end of this year the total sales for the whole of the lineup will be 900,000 and around a third of these will be hybrids. If so then the future is looking very bright for the Toyota C-HR.

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