2016 Toyota Prius Cannot Wait For Increase In Gas Prices

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The Toyota Prius has redefined the term econobox and it has become a very popular choice for those wanting a hatchback. It comes with a hybrid powertrain and tis means that it offers gas mileage that is unbeatable.

While the Toyota Prius is a superb vehicle it hasn’t been selling all that well, not in comparison to the previous generation. The new Prius has been said to have suffered from a sales campaign that has been sluggish and it seems that Toyota hasn’t been able to do much about it.

This has been due to the fact that the popularity of the Toyota Prius has been down to how much gas costs. At the moment gas is cheap and this has meant that Toyota had had a tough time to get people to move to the greener option. However if the gas price does rise then this would positively affect the Prius sales.

Along with the price of gas there is the fact that the Toyota Prius isn’t all that attractive and some people have said that it has a negative effect on the sales of the vehicle.

Of course Toyota may not agree and so they may not do something about the looks of the upcoming Toyota Prius. Perhaps they will just sit around praying that the price of gas does rise and it does it soon.

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