2016 Tesla Model S: Has There Been Any Autopilot Fraud?

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The name Autopilot might lead you to believe that you are paying out for a vehicle that is able to drive itself, when it fact you are paying out for a vehicle that offers up semi-autonomous driving.

Recently there has been a lot of attention paid to the Autopilot system, following the death of a driver of the Tesla Model S who had the Autopilot enabled.

They said that the accident wasn’t down to the Autopilot but that it could be down to other failures with the vehicle.

They pointed out that the issue could have been down to the hardware of the camera or radar and this didn’t detect the tractor and put the brake on. It might have been down to the system that helps to stop false braking from the radar and camera which might have led to the vehicle not putting the brake on.

Tesla said that the failure of the Tesla Model S auto-braking could have been behind the crash but stressed that it wasn’t the Autopilot system. The system brings in adaptive cruise control, lane changing assistance and lane keeping assistance.

This means that the Autopilot helps with moving and keeping lanes but it doesn’t automatic brake. Tesla said that the driver is the one responsible for their own safety.

Many people will be surprised to hear that automatic braking isn’t a part of the Autopilot.

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