2016 Mercedes AMG C63 Has Shown Us How Far Behind BMW Really Is

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The Mercedes AMG C63 is a great vehicle to own thanks to the high performance and it also offers up the luxurious DNA. The rival BMW hasn’t been able to compete with this, even when they launched the brand new M2 earlier on this year.

The vehicle is ahead of the rivals and this is something that BMW can only blame on themselves. The M2, M3 and the rest of the 3-Series have disappointed people and this was thanks to the fact that the luxury had been toned down and so they weren’t up to par with the competition.

One owner pointed out the fact that the driver seat of the M2 is crooked and this is something that BMW shouldn’t make a mistake with. The interior of the M2 and the M3 is now far behind that of the Mercedes AMG C63.

Mercedes seem to have hit on just the right recipe with the Mercedes AMG C63 and to put the icing on the cake they have given it the V8 4 litre engine that offers up 469 horses. In performance tests it was shown that the C63 came second behind the BMW M4.

There are some downsides to the BMW performance cars but thankfully they have remained as best-sellers. However this should not change the fact that BMW should be pushing ahead to save their performance cars or they are just going to continue falling behind the competition.