2016 Mazda 6 Review: Can The Vehicle Be Praised?

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Mazda are known for offering up some of the best looking affordable vehicles and the Mazda 6 is their flagship offering. This is a sedan of midsize that is popular around the world and there has been lots of love for it. But is the vehicle worthy of the praise that it has been given?

The Mazda 6 does come with great looks but there are also some flaws that come with it. Fuel economy is one of the flaws as the vehicle is behind competitors. The performance of the vehicle is also affected by this.

The fuel economy and power balance isn’t the best we have seen and this was found out during the testing of the Hyundai Sonata some months back. The Sonata offers up more power while offering around the same in fuel economy as the Mazda 6.

There were some issues with the Mazda 6 in testing and one issue was with the infotainment system. The radio would not turn on when using the steering wheel controls and the touch screen control wouldn’t work either.

There is an issue when pulling out into traffic in the Mazda 6 thanks to the B-Pillar causing a blind spot. Of course some competitors also suffer from this issue too.

So is the Mazda 6 still worthy of the praise knowing the above and could you live with the flaws?