2016 Google Nexus: Sounds Like Rooters Are Not Going To Be Too Happy

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One great thing about the Google Nexus handsets is that they run on Android. Google always make sure that their handsets get updates to their software first and this makes them popular with rooters. However with the 2016 Google Nexus things may be about to change and rooters may not be too happy.

Google revealed that Android 7 Nougat is heading to the new Nexus handsets and with it comes a new security feature that will put an end to devices from booting, should it be able to detect that the handset has a corrupt boot image.

Google said that this is a security feature that is going to be added and it will allow them to detect viruses along with malware. They said that the feature is going to be made available on any device that has Android Nougat and a bootloader that is locked.

If you buy a handset without a locked bootloader it can be rooted, however as the Nexus is a Google handset it is thought that it is going to arrive with a bootloader that is locked.

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