Around 27,000 versions of the RHD version of the Ford Mustang have sold in over 24 markets around the globe. This is impressive as the vehicle only went on sale over one year ago. Over in Australia all of the stock versions of the vehicle sold out in just one month of the arrival.

Anyone wanting to get hold of the Ford Mustang in China and India has to pay the equivalent of $100,000. However it hasn’t stopped the pony car from becoming the best-seller in the sports car market in two of the biggest markets.

The Ford Mustang has been beating the Chevrolet Camaro along with the Dodge Challenger when it comes to sales. In the UK the muscle car from Blue Oval has been leading sales in the sedan/coupe segment.

The Ford Mustang managed to beat the BMW 6-Series along with the Jaguar F-Type series for sales as it managed 2, 317 sales. It took the top spot in Germany too, but there is one race that it hasn’t been able to lead so far this year.

In Europe the Ford Mustang is behind the Porsche 911 and Audi TT, bear in mind that the vehicle is cheaper than the Porsche 911, which could help the Mustang to earn second place soon.

But it is the same price as the Audi TT and it is behind by quite a lot. The Ford Mustang might take the global sales by storm this year, however it might not become Europe’s best-seller at this time.

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DJ · September 21, 2016 at 5:00 am

But the majority of the TTs that sell in Europe are the 220HP models…not exactly a fair comparison

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