2016 Ford Focus RS Offers Plenty Of Family Fun

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Some of the better looking cars that are on the market don’t happen to be some of the most family friendly. This is due to the fact that they typically don’t come with enough interior room and this means that people don’t enjoy the ride. One vehicle that stands out is the 2016 Ford Focus RS.

This could be one of the main reasons why most people think that one of the best family performance vehicles on the market is the Ford Focus RS. This is a vehicle that offers up plenty of power so the drive is a fun one and the cabin happens to be huge. It offers up four doors so it makes getting in and out very easy.

The 2016 Ford Focus RS offers up the 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine so you can expect 350 horses along with the same in torque. The car offers up a Drift Mode, yes a family car that can drift. Of course you are going to have to know how to drift if you want to show off.

But what do you think about the 2016 Ford Focus RS as a family car?

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