The 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT does happen to be a superb muscle car to drive, however it isn’t the best vehicle for driving around town on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that it is a heavy vehicle, partly due to the fact that it offers the V8 6.4 litre engine offering up 485 horses.

The Dodge Challenger SRT doesn’t offer superb fuel economy so if you do have to stick with a budget then this may not be the most perfect vehicle for you. This isn’t the best vehicle for driving around the city on a day to day basis.

After spending almost a week driving around in the Dodge Challenger SRT we can tell you that if you were to drive this vehicle around on a day to day basis you are going to have to have pockets that are very deep.

If you still want to own the Dodge Challenger SRT to drive around in on a day to day basis then you would be better doing so on a freeway. When doing so you won’t really notice how much the vehicle guzzles down the gas.

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