The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are two vehicles that have been tested on the roads many times and they have both been the subject of many reviews. It was said that the Camaro offered up better performance than the Mustang. However it was said that the Camaro wouldn’t be able to beat the Mustang when it came to sales.

This prediction seems to be coming true as the sales of the Chevrolet Camaro are not beating those of the Ford Mustang and this is causing some concern for GM.

GM has been trying to boost sales but they have been offering up a left hand drive Chevrolet Camaro in countries such as the UK that have right hand drive vehicles. The sales gap between the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro has become wider than ever due to the fact that the Mustang is known to be the best-selling sporting coupe in the world.

We don’t think that the Chevrolet Camaro is going to have what it takes to beat the Ford Mustang ever when it comes to sales, in fact we think that it would be very difficult for the vehicle to catch up to it.

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